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Consumers Reports writes: “Once you’ve accepted your hearing loss and are considering getting hearing aids, your most consequential decision is finding the proper professional from whom to buy them…”

The Premiere Hearing Specialist in West Palm Beach

~Serving West Palm Beach for              30 years

~Nationally Board Certified in              Hearing Instrument Sciences              (NBC-HIS) for over 25 years

~Member of the Florida Society            of Hearing Health                                  Professionals

~Member of the International              Hearing Society

~Using the latest in digital                      technology

~The most progressive                          programming techniques                    (Real Ear Measurement) and              aural rehabilitation

At Walker Hearing Solutions you’ll get a full service program at competitive prices that will support anyone from the beginner who needs special care and follow up to the more seasoned experienced
hearing aid wearers who demand the best performance from their hearing aids!

Service is a very important element in Mr. Walker’s office and even if you didn’t buy your hearing aids here – Mr. Walker will work with you to get the best performance possible from your fitting!

Please call us at (561) 429-6384 or go to the ‘Find Us‘ page for directions, or the ‘Contact’ page for more ways to get in touch.

John Walker, HAS, BC-HIS, has been a licensed hearing aid specialist in the state of Florida for over 30 years.

The following endorsement is by a pre-eminent Ear, Nose and Throat specialist:

Mr. Walker worked for me for over 10 years.  He is the best hearing aid dispenser I have ever worked with.

He has the ability to create not only successful fittings, but happy patients as well!  

I highly recommend him.”