Walker Hearing Solutions Offers the Most Advanced Technology Available

Receiver In the Canal (RIC)
The newest and most versatile of hearing aids, offers unparalleled comfort for most conditions because they don’t “plug” the ear – completely open fittings with a full range of features. Fits up to severe loss.  Available in a rechargeable model.
In The Canal (ITC)
A moderately sized device that is easy to handle and offers more features than the smaller styles (wireless connectivity, directional microphones and telephone compatibility).  A very versatile aid that handles up to a severe hearing loss.
Completely In the Canal (CIC)
A bit more noticeable than the IIC style but has significantly more power available. Easy to handle and fits up to severe hearing losses.
In the Ear (ITE)
Custom molded uniquely for you and feature a faceplate that shows in the outer portion of your ear.
Behind The Ear(BTE)
The most powerful of devices available, fits the most demanding conditions with a full range of features to accommodate the most challenging conditions. Fits up to profound loss.